Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Breaker Breaker 1 9

I know I haven't blogged in a few weeks. There just wasn't anything that seemed blog-worthy. Until today.

Lynne and Julie are on their way back from Florida. Pat is off visiting the largest ball of string or some similar roadside attraction. It occurred to me that since everyone is on the road (except me) that we need handles, just like during the CB Era. And frankly, why not just bring back the CB?

Seriously, can "ttfn" (text lingo for ta ta for now) really substitute for "catch you on the flip side"?

Or "where r u" vs. "what's your 20?"

Has text messaging or the cell phone generated any classic songs that can compare to "Teddy Bear" or "Convoy"? Nooo.

I even think there's a movie based on CB radios, but I can't remember the name. (Brian, help me out here...)

So, we've been working on our handles (that's CB talk for names). Julie is Jugs. Lynne is Sweet Tomatoes. Pat is Pill Pusher. I'm going with Code Talker.

[As an aside, I will admit that all these names get complicated. First, there's my actual name (plus all the variations due to multiple marriages) then there's my stripper name (Sugar in the Raw) and my rock band name (Rena Grand and the Purple Velvet Chokers). And now my CB handle.]

I say, bring back the CB radio. Good Buddy. Over.

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  1. "CONVOY" was the movie. Also the Smoky and the Bandit flicks.