Friday, September 23, 2011

Found On The Road, Part Four (or more)

When I worked in Admissions, there was a co-worker who no one liked. And I do mean no one. Of course, we were a very immature staff, but I still believe that if we all got together again, we still would find her to be universally disliked.

One of the (many) things she did was order flowers for herself, have them delivered to the office, and say they were from some new boyfriend. It's amazing none of us needed surgery from so much eye rolling at her antics.

Now that I work at home, I don't have boss or coworker issues. And I like that. If I want to order flowers for myself, I won't fool myself or anyone else.

But something was recently delivered to the door of my business. It's something I often find "gifted" to me by one of my cats on the back porch. Apparently some cat decided I needed to impress those dogs in the kennel.
"No take backs!"
But back to my recent adventure of walking dogs and subsequent findings.
That's right, Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time in Bitter Train history, a dead mouse and a toilet in the same blogpost.

Don't despair, there's more.
First, I passed a crushed up empty plastic water bottle. No big deal, right? Then I found this:
Okay, so Tilly found it first. A mysterious pack of pills, with the name of the person to whom it was prescribed (note fancy grammar)was ripped away. Hmmmm....

Then, I found this:
Only one pill was missing. The rest, tossed aside.

It is mysterious.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Resting Up for The Big Day

You may have wondered where we've been. Sure, you guessed correctly we were probably out there somewhere, marinating in our bitter juices.

Mostly, though, we had to rest up for this past Saturday. It was a huge day near the Gold Coast. It was the Harvest and Bee (Herb) Festival!

Sue was awakened to the sound of a church group yelling back and forth to each other, possibly debating the means of salvation, as they lined up for the parade. When Sue peaked out the window, she noticed a rather large tub, prompting her to wonder if it might be for mobile baptisms. This was not true since I watched the entire, rather tedious parade.

It's not every day you get to see a tractor dedazzled with butternut and bittersweet (our favortite herb).
It's also not often you get to see children dressed up like a hot dog and stop light (their salute to NYC).
In other ways, it was just like other normal parades in that we had completely questionable political candidates hawking their pamphlets.
It wasn't easy keeping Pat from knocking out the driver of this train and taking control. Chances are good she would have mown down the aforementioned candidates.
And while this in and of itself was exciting, there was a much bigger event that day. Jenny got married! Isn't she gorgeous?
And she was kind enough to invite us too (though not the football player - he was already there). As you can see, they had salad (among other delicious things).
Despite Lynne's job as Champagne Coordinator, this particular group did nt get too rowdy.

That's good because if the fake football player wasn't enough, there was that golden jock strap hanging about.
We don't get out much, but when we do, we clean up pretty good, don't we? And we (sometimes) act half-way decent.

Congratulations to our friend Jenny, who is not acting at all bitter these days.