Friday, December 20, 2013

It's Not the Zickefoose Lamp but What Is?

....and it needs no further words....

No, it was not purchased by myself or anyone I know.  For one thing, it weighed approximately two hundred pounds each and it also was plenty of creepy.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Out with the Old

First hairdryer that lasted nearly 30 years.  The the microwave, which lasted 26 years.
From senior year of college, to Chicago, to Ada, to Alger, this little gem has nuked a lot of oatmeal.

We'll just see how the new guy does.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

End of Summer, but Still Celebrating

Ah, the Gold Coast, never a dull - or weird - moment.
Is it an actual sick reptile or a strange dietary gimic?  Either way, t'aint natural!

Happily, I'm reporting back that most of my bucket list for Summer '13 was fulfilled.  While I haven't (yet) gotten to Yellow Springs for my bike ride, I definitely didn't to go on a canoe trip, and I also didn't take a karate class.  However, I still don't feel ripped off.  It was a really enjoyable summer, though I could have stood for warmer weather for additional swim days.

The Gold Coast is close to many fine "regional" garage sales, and this past Labor Day, I found the Deal o' the Day for a mere $2:
That's right - end of Summer fun for all! 

What did you do this Summer?  Highlights?  Low lights?  Share!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Giving Blood, Getting the Finger

Or two fingers.

The first time I tried to donate blood, my iron was too low.  Rejected. 

The next time, it was acceptable, and I was able to donate.  After what seemed to take forever, I was rewarded with a medical professional's admonition to "go eat cookies."  Unfortunately, I almost passed out later.

However, I feel donating is important, so I signed up again about a month ago to give at the blood mobile outside my church.  Once again, my iron was too low.  The nurse told me another nurse could check my other finger to see if it was better.  After suffering another painful finger pricking, it was determined that not only was the iron level not high enough on the other side, it was even lower. 

Returning into church with a look of defeat, my fingers bore the Band-aids of Shame.  The woman who looked after me the previous time I almost passed out noted my lack of donation success.  Fortunately, she didn't mock me.

Somehow, my desire to donate no longer stemmed from care for my fellow man.  It was personal.  My blood is good enough, dammit!  After a careful reading of the Red Cross' recommended foods and advice for higher iron, I went shopping and whipped up a concoction so high in iron, a vampire would have chased me.

I stayed out of the sun.  I didn't drink tea.  I ate an enormous breakfast. 

After proudly sauntering into the center, well ahead of my appointed time, I found out again that my right hand was too low - 12.3!  So close to the 12.5.  Again, I tried a different nurse for the left hand.  11.9.  Fail.  Double fail.  So humiliating.  But why must they be the middle fingers that endure such pain? 

Monday, June 24, 2013

What's Your Summer Bucket List?

Or maybe "Basket" list?

Summer is fleeting and needs to be focused on many things, but certainly fun must be one of them.  For that reason, I felt the need to make a Fun Things to do This Summer list.  Among them was basket weaving and you see the fruits of my labor above.  That's right, I made that last Saturday.  Impressive, yes?  Not if you saw the sample basket, but I didn't post that picture.

Here's what else:

Color 5k and July 4th 5k
Read the Bible in 90 Days
Read Bleak House
Canoe Trip
Bicycle Trip
Karate Class (hi-ya! planning to channel my inner Miss Piggy)
Underground Railroad Museum in Cinci
Levi Coffin House (done!)
Celtic Festival in Dayton


What's your Bucket list?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bitter to Sweet

Thistles....yesterday I spent a lot of time pulling them from my flower beds and garden.  Frankly, I lost track after 250 (really).
Then a friend and her daughter came out and helped me weed by the pond.  It looks fabulous.

This morning, another friend sent down the most fabulous chocolate chip monster cookies IN THE WORLD.

And they were still warm.  I ate three immediately.  Just what I need to continue my work!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stuck at Home

My front door is often difficult.  While I was on vacation, it gave those watching my home fits.  It acted fine until a few weeks ago when it completely fell off.  Fortunately, the back door was open so I could get in to my house.

So I went and bought new door knobs.
The instructions read "Remove old door knobs.  Replace with new."


Sure, removing the old ones were easy, since they were laying on the ground.  Replacing the new ones....not so easy.  After repeated attempts, I simply gave up and put the old ones back in and they are still there.  Coming in from the outside, they work.  However, I can't open the door from the inside.

Needless to say I'd like to meet this technical writer and punch them in the nose.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Don't Forget....

No, she's not dead.  She's at the Alamo.  Looking for Peewee's bike.  Good luck!'s right over there!  In a tiny town in Ohio!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Friendships and Puddles

During a recent Fun Friday event, a haiku challenge was issued.  Now, I don't know what YOU do at a party, but hey, it was Fun Friday and it was National Jump in a Puddle Day (or something).  It was also "bring something stuffed" for dinner night.

Here are the results, in no particular order:

"Rain, puddles, and friends
Let frivolity begin
may it never end"

"Reflection of you-
But when walking in tandem,
Puddles reflect friends."

"How can one feel stuffed
with close friends gathered for fun
Leaves one craving more."

"Open, empty, clean
Ready to receive the goods.
Pillows, peppers, me."

"Hungry friends gather
Food tastes better when it's stuffed
Time for a nibble."

"The rain never stops
Is it time to splash a friend?
Yes!  Then come and eat."

"Rain drops on a pond
filling it up to the top
Now that's a puddle."

Saturday, January 12, 2013

He's Got Leg

"Someone" had a birthday - one where the front number changed. It called for a special commemoration/celebration. It coincided with Pat's birthday, so we really had to come up with something good. ROAD TRIP! Do you recognize it? From the movie? Christmas Story! And they do tours! Special feature: January babies often get overshadowed and forgotten after the holidays. Happy birthday!