Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bitter Writing

It's Tuesday, the most bitter of days in a week (perhaps this could be a new poll). It's also Day Two of "National Write a Novel in a Month" challenge. My writing yesterday really stunk. Sue pointed out that NANOWRIMO now records "successful days in a row of writing." This is pressure we simply don't need.

Anyway, my strategy is now "more caffeine." However, this leads to confusion on my part, and I already have a lot of trouble with confusion. I read a blog post this morning that listed items for a snowman that went something like "carrot, coal, and tophat." I spent a lot of time wondering just what a tophat was.

While I was still pondering this, I noticed a school bus stopped outside my home. The little stop sign was out and the driver had opened the door. There are no children here, ma'am. I kept watching, wondering if Dooley had decided to enroll in school. This wouldn't surprise me, since I'm sure he'd like to study nuclear chemistry or macroeconomics. Of course, Dooley would never leave home, so I know that wasn't possible.

There was no one on the bus, and no one got on (two or four legged variety). It is mysterious.

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