Monday, March 14, 2011

Coffee Belongs in a Cup

Here on the Bitter Train, we enjoy a frugal home remedy or repurposed item.

When I read about adding olive oil to used coffee grounds as a body scrub, I got pretty excited. (note Dooley's inspection, and possible chemical analysis)

The concoction was easy to put together and I marched upstairs to put it to the test. Looking forward to an invigorating exfoliation, I got to scrubbing. It was rough. Literally. It also was messy. There were grounds all over the shower and tub. They also lodged in inconvenient locations on my body.

Perhaps it was yet another case of "operator error." However, from now on, used coffee grounds are going in the compost.

Do you have any fun "home remedies"? What about uses for coffee grounds?

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