Monday, November 21, 2011

Dayquil....My Muse

I'm not feeling too well so I stayed home from school. Snow days are better, but this is pretty good except that I don't have much energy. I also seem to be having thoughts that are even more strange than usual. I'll share.

In the last three days, I've spent more time asleep than awake. Last night I woke up and just couldn't sleep any more and I thought "How does Dooley (the dog) do it? He's slept even more than me and he's still at it." My admiration for him continues to grow.

You know how Amish men who are married have beards and the single guys don't? I guess that's how you're supposed to know who to hit on at the barn dance. You can thank me for that tidbit of dating advice later. Anyway, I've realized that when I'm single, I'm thin (or less fat) but when I get married (yes, I've been married three times, get off my flabby back about it. At least I have some basis of comparison.) I get fat. I suppose it's better than growing a beard, but I'm still not happy about it.

I'm sort of in that point of being sick where I'm not tired enough to sleep but I'm too tired to do much (particularly good blog writing). I thought "what if I took the laptop in bed w/me?" Then I worried about falling asleep and rolling over on it and then I'd be like those people who do that w/their babies and kill them. Wouldn't that be awful? And I know the laptop is not a baby and that it's horrible for the people that happens to so don't write any hate mail about it.

I had ramen noodles for breakfast.

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