Friday, January 13, 2012

Gold Coast (Social) Living

You've seen the commercials of the couple who take advantage of those daily deals for saving on big fun in their city?  Yes, I've watched them get massages, hang glide, and eat sushi for a bargain.

I looked on some of those sites, and strangely there are no such offers for this immediate area.  It made me wonder what a day of big fun would look like.

A very necessary stop would be the local dive-bar-turned-dive restaurant.  A mere two miles away from Gold Coast Central, it does indeed deliver on some tasty, if not extremely country, fare.  Why just today I noticed their lunch special was ham and beans with a side of corn bread. 

Take that sushi!

While I do not know of a local boutique that sells those bizarelly high wedge heels, I do know of a certain thrift shop where you can try on a faux fur coat.
Did you see that? Less than $8 and I could have taken that puppy (I don't think it was made from real puppy) home - no coupon necessary! The helpful tag even told me to "clean using fur methong." As T and Pat will attest, their first thought was the tongue a la cat grooming.

Who needs aroma therapy and a babbling creek for one's massage when a new massage therapist has converted a room at the middle school-turned community center into their very own lap of luxury? (I sure hope it doesn't still smell like gym socks.)

Perhaps city dwellers like the fact that fate may have them run into some random celebrity who happily breezes about their town.

Recently, there were not one but four said famous "people."
And some people think the weiner mobile is a big deal.

While I can't think of the equivalent of zip lining or parachuting at fifty percent off, I do know that walking out to the kennel in forty mile per hour winds is SUCH a rush. And no charge!

Casino trips can not compare by the bet I have every winter that the snow plow will knock over my mailbox a minimum of three times.

And while there's Cirque de Soleil and the Blue Man Group with their fine talent, how can that be compared to this:
It's all in ther perspective.

Peace out, Dog.
Update: On January 14, my mailbox sustained its first blow. While still standing, it has a dent that prevents the lid from closing. Of course.

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  1. That coat is YOU! For $8 I'd buy it just for laughs. Get some heart shaped glasses and you could go out as Jodie Fosters character in TAXIE DRIVER for holloween.