Monday, February 13, 2012

Sue's Birthweek - A Pictorial Homage

After looking up the definition of the word "homage," I'd like to note that here it means "a tribute, often of high respect" and NOT "a feudal ceremony by which a man acknowledges himself a vassal of a lord."

That out of the way, let's celebrate the many faces of Sue.

Here we see Sue, the animal lover, using her monkey thumbs to take a picture of Spanky. Come to think of it, she isn't really a big fan of Spanky (maybe it's the dead squirrel). Or Carbon(maybe it's the hair). Or Tilly(maybe it's because of Tilly). Perhaps it's better said that she is kind to animals.
Sue is fun-loving and knows how to bring people together for a good time. I mean, look how happy that football player is to be with her and her friends.
And versatile -
As a history buff and extraordinarily talented crafter, here are two of her interests combined:
She's generous, just like Santa.
Happy Birthday Sue!

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  1. Happy Birthday Sue...and also to Pat. Hope you both have a great year!!