Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gravity Schmavity

Perhaps you, as a semi-regular visitor to the Bitter Train, wonder why there has been so little activity on the blog. Good question. Is it because the writers of this blog are so content in their lives and therefore lack bitterness? Could be. But why would happiness exclude the fun of being bitter on occasion? However, yesterday I made a purchase that may cure me of bitterness forever:
Behold the Zero-gravity Recliner! How do I love Thee...let me count the ways.... 1. Easily available for purchase at the local Big Lots. Seriously, this is something to love because buying anything really great around here is not always easy. 2. A bargain! Dollar for dollar, can any recliner compare? 3. Lightweight - I could pick it up, load it in my car, and bring it in my house without straining any major or minor muscle groups. 4. It folds up, therefore taking up little space.
5. Inside/Outside - when I was done sitting on it outside, I brought it inside and watched television. 6. COMFORTABLE.....I fell asleep in it not once, twice or even three times - four dozings. For the record, I don't ever fall asleep in random furniture. 7. Color Choices - On-line I noticed they come in quite a variety. Fortunately for me, who is easily incapacitated by too many choices, it only came in brown at Big Lots. Brown. It is perfect everywhere. 8. Finally, having one's feet elevated is easily done without laying on the floor and being attacked by the family pet(s). And that's after only a mere twenty-four hours of ownership. I anticipate a happy summer.

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