Monday, June 24, 2013

What's Your Summer Bucket List?

Or maybe "Basket" list?

Summer is fleeting and needs to be focused on many things, but certainly fun must be one of them.  For that reason, I felt the need to make a Fun Things to do This Summer list.  Among them was basket weaving and you see the fruits of my labor above.  That's right, I made that last Saturday.  Impressive, yes?  Not if you saw the sample basket, but I didn't post that picture.

Here's what else:

Color 5k and July 4th 5k
Read the Bible in 90 Days
Read Bleak House
Canoe Trip
Bicycle Trip
Karate Class (hi-ya! planning to channel my inner Miss Piggy)
Underground Railroad Museum in Cinci
Levi Coffin House (done!)
Celtic Festival in Dayton


What's your Bucket list?

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