Saturday, September 7, 2013

End of Summer, but Still Celebrating

Ah, the Gold Coast, never a dull - or weird - moment.
Is it an actual sick reptile or a strange dietary gimic?  Either way, t'aint natural!

Happily, I'm reporting back that most of my bucket list for Summer '13 was fulfilled.  While I haven't (yet) gotten to Yellow Springs for my bike ride, I definitely didn't to go on a canoe trip, and I also didn't take a karate class.  However, I still don't feel ripped off.  It was a really enjoyable summer, though I could have stood for warmer weather for additional swim days.

The Gold Coast is close to many fine "regional" garage sales, and this past Labor Day, I found the Deal o' the Day for a mere $2:
That's right - end of Summer fun for all! 

What did you do this Summer?  Highlights?  Low lights?  Share!

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  1. I always strart out with a big bucket list, but always come out a little pale. :(