Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Passenger Appreciation Day

Some of you may have wondered what has happened to the Bitter Train. What? Is the ride over so soon? Of course not! But, we all get the post-vacation blues. Last week, returning to the not-yet-green grass and grey skies of Ohio threw me in a horrible funk. One may even say, I was bitter. I questioned the Train Trip.

While it wasn't all about the Greek Man, it was at least a little bit about him. Ok, perhaps more than 50% in my mind. Sadly, it isn't the first time the cold winds of February winter have caused me to plan outrageous expenditures of time and money on a long shot of a guy in March. Four years ago, I shelled out big bucks to meet my favorite actor. And like that trip, this one didn't end the way I hoped.

Sure, I could have thrown another log on the fire, poured another glass of wine, and saved myself time, money, and plenty of emotional angst. "To improve, one must be content to be thought foolish."

There is a greater gift than the outcome of the trip. Not-so-ordinary friends. Friends who believe, and even encourage, pursuing the unreasonable. Friends who followed, eager and enthusiastic for our fun trip. Friends who want a happy ending - not just for me - but to hope Happy Endings are there. ( Honestly, could Greek Man even have lived up to the hype?)

So thank you, friends, for being along on this journey. There will be more.

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