Sunday, November 22, 2009

Earth, Wind and You're Fired

Admit've wondered, even if very quietly and only once or twice...if Lynne and I could really be roommates and if not, what would be the deal breaker.

I've wondered too. When I forgot to water her window boxes while she was gone this summer and it wasn't until she returned that I even noticed the dried up remains, I thought that might be a deal breaker, but Lynne was cool about it.

What about me parading around in my house dress (which makes her sooo jealous) and rollers (when it's not Halloween)? Maybe. It's sure scary.

I think the real potential deal breaker may be music. It appears that the soundtrack that gets my energy and my silly going enough to crank out my novel this month is a combination of bad 70s music. Right now it's Boogie Wonder Land by Earth Wind and Fire. A couple minutes ago it was Copacabana by Barry Manilow. For whatever reason, this music takes me back to my fun lovin' silly seventies mode and I can write a lot better and faster (which is the real key since I need 16.000+ words in the next week).

All well and good, except that Lynne is a bit younger, and bit (more than a bit) more musically cool than I am, so this is really pushing her to the limit. The other night she was soaking in the tub (doors closed) and she called out "Sue, is that Lionel Richie?" There was a bit of a screech to her voice that made the dogs in the kennel start to howl.

The good news----only another week to go and I have headphones.

Gotta go...The BeeGees are on and I need to write at least 3.000 words today.


  1. If it helps - I have say 28,000 words to go and I'm a closet Lionel Richie fan. I used to say - That Madonna will never make it, but Lionel - he'll be great for years to come. OK - maybe I'd better put on the writing music!

  2. Hey - starting tomorrow we need to put our words in for a count - right?!

  3. did you know that if you google "bitter train" the phrase "Bitter Train blog" comes up in the google phrase window??!? you all are famous! And I would dispute that Earth WInd and fire is "bad" 70s music... Copacabana is one thing... but Boogie Wonderland is a classic!