Friday, June 25, 2010

County Fair Special Guest: The Giant Inflatable Colon

This morning as I was reading the paper, I came upon the article that sent me straight upstairs to the bathroom.

No, it was not the call of nature. I had to tell Sue about the article I found. I knocked on the door with great urgency. She was blow drying her hair and I almost scared the poo out of her (if I had, she'd been in the right place).

That's when I told her about the featured guest at the Putnam County Fair: The Giant Inflatable Colon.

Sure, some fairs have the tiki twirl, the world's strongest clown, and chainsaw jugglers. But can they boast of an inflatable colon that people can actually walk through? Why (oh, why) do people have this opportunity? It's a part of the campaign to "Wipe Out Colorectal Cancer." While this most certainly is an important issue that is not very funny, it would win a contest of "Most Unfortunate Use of a Word in a Slogan."

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