Saturday, June 5, 2010

Those Shower Optional Days

There shouldn't be too many of these in the summer. However, some times the day just slips away and you haven't noticed. What I (Lynne) find alarming is my willingness to actually appear in public this way. My base standard is having my teeth brushed and tossing a little cold water on my face.

First, it was ok to see kennel clients with no make-up. Then it crept into other areas. The scratch and dent grocery store, the regular grocery store. The drive-thru window of the bank.

Then I noticed how few people actually do wear much make-up around these parts. It's startling.

But showering, certainly this is counter social mores to skip them, right? As long as I'm not offensive, I'm heading out the door...

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  1. You may also note that I've headed out the door too. heehee. Sorry. Just couldn't help myself.