Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Toast ...

To a day without bitterness. And many more to follow. [I know those aren't complete sentences. Get off my back.]

That's my freckly hand in the foreground. Can you see the wedding ring? Yep. Got married. See the guy in the black robe? That's the judge. He did the marryin'.

It was perfect. I don't know how those "Say Yes To The Dress People" get through wedding planning. It was making me crazy. Besides, it was really fun to get people's reactions when we told them we were married.

Here are some of the highlights of the whole process:

Picking out my wedding dress from a street vendor when I went to the Celtic Fest with Lynne.
Who needs a fancy dressing room when there's a cubicle made out of blankets?

I haven't been to the probate court for about three years but when we went in to get the license, the clerk recognized me and a few minutes later the judge came out to congratulate us. He offered to do the honors right there. It was tempting, but then I was afraid that Lynne wouldn't make the almond cake, so we declined.

The other highlight of the trip to the probate court was raising our right hands and swearing that we "weren't intoxicated, did not have a communicable form of syphyllis and were not more closely related than second cousins". Fortunately, we passed.

On the appointed day (last Saturday) Lynne and Shane arrived. Lynne brought cake. Then the judge (not the probate judge, but Ada's own Judge Grimslid who lives around the corner) arrived wearing a baseball cap (due to rain). He took off the cap and put on his robe and the event began.

For some reason, the judge had written my son's name on the vow's instead of my fiance's. It was a little freaky to hear "Do you Shane take Sue..." finally the judge stopped the proceedings, got a pen and corrected the vows.

And now it's official!

We're at "Marriage: Day Five".

And we're very happy.


  1. Congratulations. I heard the news from Sis and I've been checking here to see when it would be announced.

  2. YAY, Mrs. Pinkston! Fantastic Can't wait to meet Mr. Pinkston this weekend!
    Ok, I'll stop with the exclamation points!!!!