Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who Keeps the Crockpot?

Perhaps some of you are wondering how I (Lynne) am faring with Sue's marriage and subsequent moving out. Well, into every life of bitterness, a little happiness must fall, and I'm so darn happy for her, I can hardly stand it. I mean eventually Shirley and Carmine Ragusa got together. Laverne wasn't left wandering the earth with Lenny and his (L)One Wolf jacket not unlike the Hulk (different tv show, same generation).

If anything, much can be said for "ending on a win." It was a successful roommate venture. Dooley the cat, however, may be bitter. It's really hard to tell from that expression on his face.

Liz bought me my very own crockpot, so no fighting over that. Splitting up the Sam's Club giant box of toilet paper, though, is just a little weird to pack up and move. Yet, I plan to leave it on her doorstep if she's not answering the door (she IS married, you know). And, if it's not raining. Maybe I should TP the little tree in her front yard, just as a kind of celebration.

Yet, Sue will miss living out here on the Gold Coast. Who wouldn't miss Tilly and Foster playing "the Barking Game" at 6:30 a.m.? Being woken at 4 a.m. to Olive's hairballs (pre and post)? And the basement. I KNOW she's going to miss the basement.

I will miss Sue. I mean, I never knew someone could drink that much tea (see above for tp quantity purchases). And she did the dishes so I didn't have to. Then there's the cool white bowls she used (that I'm still using - I'm hoping she'll forget them).

Most importantly, who's going to help me eat all those tomatoes in the garden?! The dogs? NO! Olive? NO (but maybe a solution to the hairball problem).

Perhaps I will just have to take some to her house for her and her new hubby to enjoy. After all, sharing, whether NEAR or FAR (see Grover), is what makes life more fun. And less bitter.


  1. Aawww. This is my favorite post ever.

    P.S. What about the Boggle Trophy?

  2. If Dooley is bitter, does this mean that he is now a conductor on the Bitter Train?

  3. It is strongly suspected that Dooley has been the Conductor all along.

  4. The Boggle Trophy!! We will just have to get another one. Also, who will feed Tilly ice cubes?!

  5. I don't watch a lot of movies, but I do have a movie reference. In Men In Black there was a little tiny being inside a man's head running his body like a giant robot. That's pretty much what Dooley does.

  6. Dooley sounds like a vicar of dibley fan, we herinousley scratched two episodes of the great escape and to the theme tune of the brittas empire not my merit mind, was on the being john malkovich as it slows.