Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy/Bitter New Year

It seems that every major media runs their "Year in Review" feature. On the Bitter Train, we constantly review everything, so a full year's worth could be a little overwhelming.

And undocumented.

The most bitter event that I (Lynne) would like to mention is the Jingle Jog. The PSA's promised a t-shirt with jingle bells on it. Jingle Bells! When I brought this to the attention of a couple friends, we all had visions of happy runners making a joyful holiday noise, hopefully covering the cries of pain and heaving gasps of air.

Upon arrival at registration, the absence of any bell sound was deafening. Deafening! No Jingle Bells. None. Fortunately, the three of us wore our Santa Hats. Did I mention it was 1 degree, with wind chill? Soon, I'll post a picture of this happy day.

Fortunately, plarn is still with us. See the Ape? That's where it all began, Baby. Right there in Cave City, KY. I stopped there on my way to Nashville, where the plarn bag had one more adventure. I love my plarn bag - it does fun things and usually I'm along with it.

And what year would be complete without a Christmas gift from Trina? Yes, the same fun gal who brought you the larger-than-life cut out of Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross has a unique eye for cool gifts. Below is this year's "Growme." Look how happy he/it is!

How can one stay bitter with that around?

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