Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Legend of the Pillow Case

Years ago someone told me that she always slept on a new pillow case on New Year's Eve because it was supposed to bring prosperity in the new year. Last year, as part of our crafty new year celebration, I suggested decorating our own pillow cases so we bought plain white pillow cases and fabric paint.

That morning Liz attempted to assassinate me with one of her "fresh eggs" and I missed the party. However, my friends decorated a pillow case for me and I (unlike the others, I believe) used my pillow case. It made me happy to go to bed thinking of all the nice things my friends wished for me. There were three wishes for me from my friends in 2010.
1. Love
2. The absence of a person from my life who caused me a great deal of distress
3. Sell a book.

The first item came to pass almost immediately. The second item came to pass in a very dramatic way as well. I won't go into a lot of details, but I will say that Pat is not allowed to decorate pillow cases any more, despite her effectiveness.

The third thing hasn't happened and probably won't since there's only a couple days left in the year and, more importantly, because I didn't write a book.

I stopped using the pillow case this summer because Chris said it sort of creeped him out. But, I wonder if I had continued would I have sold a book?

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