Thursday, February 3, 2011

Florida - Have a Tree-ific Day!

Just what have I been doing down here, you ask? Even if you didn't, here are some of the sights. The next four are from the Kite Festival on Treasure Island. Apart from the teams who flew kites in the "double string ballet competition" (think synchronized swimming with kites) it was a normal event.

Treasure Island used to have a lot more "kitsch" than it does now. However, there are still photo opportunties:

Pirates will be pirates, though, and this one's sign reads "Do Not Climb Pirate." It's like they know me.

There are many entrepreneurs trying to make a living. Pamphlets and business cards are left on my door often. However, my favorite is this hand written piece of paper. Note how I cleverly blocked out there phone number with lipstick (although I guess they'd welcome any phone calls). The last line is my favorite: "Have a tree-ific day." Thanks, I will now.

Then there's this disturbing figurine that looks like a teddy bear in a housedress and slippers hanging out with its duck friend. Those are all the words I have for this.

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