Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sea Monkeys are Really Terrific Day (SMART)

Veteran's have their day, as does the Flag. Even Ground Hogs have a day.

But what about the Sea Monkey?

Think about the celebrations we could have that were Sea Monkey-centric! Better yet - the decorations. Frankly, it could be quite a party.

While I didn't personally witness this, Pat has a terrific Sea Monkey story of her own. Our friend Robin (hi Robin!) was in her dorm room chatting. Then she saw a snow globe and said, "I love snow globes!" and began vigorously shaking it. Unfortunately, water began to slosh around. Pat yelled, "No! Stop! Those are my Sea Monkeys!"

Sadly, that was the end of the Sea Monkeys. We never found out if they really wear crowns when they grow up.

What's your Sea Monkey Story? Any suggestions for a menu, ritual, and decorations?

Sea Monkey Stories: A Follow Up
A Friend of a Friend of the blog had a brother who had sea monkeys as a child. one day he poured them in a glass so he could clean the bowl. He forgot to put them back and later, when he was thirsty....well, that's one briney protein shake.

Another Friend said for her sea monkeys were nothing but "a bitter disappointment." When pressed, we discovered that it was that the sea monkeys did not really grow up to wear crowns and live in castles. They also didn't have that cute Dr. Seuss look as promised in the ads.

Another person wrote that while she didn't have sea monkeys, she'd welcome them as a gift. However, she had an ant farm, but the ants bit her and then died. We're not sure if that was the exact order of how things happened. She also speculates were due to her not feeding them. This may also be why they bit her. It's all so complicated.


  1. Oh my goodness that makes me cry! :) Thanks for making my day, although I am sad for pat's sea monkey loss.

    We had sea monkeys in Grand Cayman. I suppose it was our international attempt at getting the sea monkey recognized. Not gonna lie, I think a part of me sort of wished someone would come and shake ours up.

  2. sea monkies are a scam! just like amway, herbal life, grit magazine and x-ray glasses.