Thursday, June 9, 2011

Careful Research, Part Two

Today I needed a little reward after my annual exam. Perhaps that is too much information, but it's my explanation for why I went to McDonald's. The day before, I'd heard that their new Rolo McFlurry was fabulous. In need of fabulosity, I went to see The Clown (thank you, Chris, for this dubbing). I ordered the snack size for $1.50. It was not bad. It wasn't fabulous. Plus, the weird plastic spoon it came with looked like a doctor's dosing spoon. Considering from where I'd just been, this was not welcome.

Perhaps, (in the interest and benefit of helping you, the reader, find good ice cream as stated before) I needed to do a comparison with the local ice cream place, Buster's. Since they didn't have Rolo as an option for their "cyclones" (why must these ice cream/candy treats be named after inclement weather conditions?), my local ice cream mix-masters proposed a combination of chocolate and caramel, like a turtle sans nuts.

Here's where the locals win every time over the big chain - customized orders, thinking outside the box. Or thinking outside the cone anyway.

However, it was a bit disappointing too. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't awful. However, the cyclone/flurry/hurricane/blizzard ice cream treat has at its very heart the promise of candy surprises swirled through sweet, soft ice cream. This concoction was all, well...mixed up. It tasted just...cold. I didn't even finish it (when you're counting calories, every single one better be darn near delicious). Buster's option was also more expensive and only slightly bigger than McD's.

While I prefer to give the locals my business, the quest for fabulosity continues, both in ice cream treats and life in general.

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