Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beauty and Home Decor Tips by Lynne

First it was Martha Stewart who had multiple media outlets to showcase her broad knowledge of elegant living. Then, Rachel Ray made a valiant attempt.

Here on the Gold Coast, there's no reason to think we can't do the same.

But, perhaps, on a scale of elegance that has a slightly different um...calibration.

How does a Hardin County Girl stay beautiful and youthful? When I was a kid, I read in Teen Magazine how a simple smear of Vaseline was an inexpensive yet effective way to keep lips moisturized.
Eat your heart out Suzie Chapstick.

When my grandmother died, it was discovered that she had quite the treasure trove of Vaseline (goodness knows what pop up ads we'll get now). The above jar, now empty, was part of my inheritance. I doubt Grandma Leiner read that tip in Teen Magazine. I don't really want to know why she had so much but as a person who lived through the Depression, there were many, many products that she had stockpiled. In fact, twenty years later, I still have a can of Comet from her cache.

And, don't worry, still more Vaseline. But, sadly, this is the last. In ten years, I may have to spend $3 to buy more. That is, if it's even sold anymore.

Next, let's discuss home decor. While my own home is done up with a motif of "Early Garage Sale," I do have standards. They are low, but I have them.

But, they are not this low:
This little gem was hanging at Habitat for Humanity's Restore. Personally, I find it extremely Inhumane. What sort of services do they offer anyway? Who on earth would want a latch hooked Holly Hobby set off by institutional carpeting as a background? Seriously, it's like donating pickled beets or sardines to the food pantry.

It's truly amazing that some reality show has not found us yet.

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  1. I love this! How funny! I'll tell you how funny! Really funny. Now, I'm impressed by the vaseline - if for no other reason because it has shelf life like no other item. But a holly hobby rub on institutional carpet. How could you step on such an item and dirty it up? No Mame, that belongs on a wall.