Thursday, August 16, 2012

What's On His Mind?

I don't want to take anything away from Lynne and her Tails From the Kennel fact, when you finish reading this you should go and see what's going on there...but I've been concerned about my dog, Dooley. Isn't he cute? I thought I'd try to probe his canine mind so I've decided to ask him a few quesitons. Here's a transcript of our conversation.

Bitter Train: Dooley, how has the summer been going for you?

Dooley: Summer, fall, winter, spring. It's all the same to me as long as no one tries to take over my couch.

Bitter Train: You do let some people share the couch, don't you?

Dooley: Well, you've caught me. (grins sheepishly). When that boy with the big feet comes over, I get as close to him as I can and when he sleeps on the couch I can still usually find a tiny spot to curl up in. And when Lynne comes over, I sit as close to her as I can too. She never sleeps on the couch, though. Sometimes I wish she would, but I think she has to get home to those dogs that live at her house. I went inside her house once. She has cats! Oh, I got so excited and I wanted to chase them all to protect Lynne from them, but she seems to like the darn things. I like to chase them and watch their tails go bobbing through the air as they run away. I like to chase them out of my yard too. I got into some trouble, though, when one big cat did a pooh in the flower bed. Sue gave me quite the lecture that day. Something about not pulling my weight. Hellooo? I'm a dog and I live on the couch. Is that so hard to understand?

Bitter Train: So, you like the boy with the big feet and Lynne. Who are some of your other friends?

Dooley: Of course, I love Chris. He lets me sit in the big leather chair with him, even when I shed all over his clothes. Sue won't let me do that when she's sitting there because she's always knitting and she doesn't want my hair to mix with her precious yarn. If you ask me, she needs to get her priorities straight.

Pat's my pal, though I don't think she likes to have me sit on her lap. I heard once that she let a kitten sit on her shoulder, though, so I am holding out hope that she'll change her mind and cuddle with me. I know she wants to. Dogs can just tell about these things.

Bitter Train: Anyone else?

Dooley: Well...there's Liz. I still feel sort of bad about barking at her the first time she came to take care of me. Do you think I hurt her feelings?

Bitter Train: Hmmm. She is pretty sensitive, but I'm sure this public apology will make a big difference to her. If she ever gets near a computer and can read it. But, I'll tell her you're sorry.

Dooley: Thanks....can I go back to the couch now? This is starting to feel like I'm getting my temperature taken...

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