Saturday, August 25, 2012

Big Adventure Indeed!

Recently, Liz and I had an unusual mutually free-from-obligations day.  Living on the Gold Coast, there are so many possibilities of how to fill this time with interesting and enlightening experiences.

Which is why we went to the Bicycle Museum.

First, Liz took a spin:
Then it was my turn:
As you can imagine, it was pretty darn exciting.  By the way - look at our calves!  Man we have sexy legs.

There were many vintage bikes, and the museum was arranged from oldest bike-like vehicles to the latest and greatest.  They even had some kitsche old signs.
Umm..yeah, I'm not sure I even WANT to see...that.

It was all moderately interesting, but then the Wow Factor really popped when I saw this:
What do you mean you don't know what that is?  How about WHOSE it is?!

Here's a hint:

YES!  It is the very own bicycle of Pee Wee Herman!  The Real One!!!  Sqweee!!!

Just when we thought we'd done it all.....

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  1. Did they find the bike in the basement at the Alamo?