Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Benefits of Self-Employment

Being self-employed is not for the weak of heart.  It is a lot of work and often it is unpredictable.  If you are self-employed and the sole employee, you do everything.  You're the Business Owner and the Janitor.  You get to go to the bank (and pay lots of taxes) and you do the lowliest of cleaning tasks.

But in general, I like pretending I am Corporate America.  I get to make all the decisions.  However, when I was down with the flu for two weeks solid, this was all rather unpleasant and challenging.

This time of the year is the best.  I can have my own office Christmas party.  I choose the menu.  I also get to eat everything all by myself.  There's no waiting for the karaoke machine and no booing at my terrible singing.  If I get really drunk and hit on the boss, it's still a compliment and I won't get fired.

Don't be jealousy.

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  1. And you also have a huge four-legged fan base that cheers upon your every arrival!