Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to Cancel Your Vacation by Leaving Home

It wasn't that long ago I spent two months of two different winters by the beach.
Then it was 2012.
And I went nowhere (in oh so many ways).
Yes, in nearly two years, I've spent only one night away from my home on the Gold Coast.  Then, unexpectedly, the opportunity for me to escape for a couple of nights for some much needed rest arose. 

A simple plan was made, and vacation time began by going to a concert Sunday night in Columbus, then leaving for Indy the next morning.  Because of the time I'd be away, a neighbor came to let the dogs out.

Returning home about 11:30 and stepping out of the car, my nostrils were invaded by the stench of skunk.  This isn't too unusual in the country, and manages to permeate the house as well.  This time was no different, though it sure was strong inside too.

Dropping into bed exhausted (it was way past my bedtime), I woke up several times, noting the skunk smell still was strong.  The neighbor taking care of the dogs called me first thing in the morning.

When she let my dogs out, one ran straight for a skunk she probably had been watching for some time.  Guess which dog?
Of course it was Tilly. Foster would hardly have done that, even if he had his vision.  My poor neighbor took a direct hit from the skunk too, and she put the dogs back in the house and found her way home to bathe the scent off of her (and her truck).

That explained why the house still smelled terrible. 

Still, I was in denial, and proceeded with my vacation plans.  I even made it to the Indiana State line.  Then, I turned around.  I came home and did four loads of laundry, aired out the house and bathed the dogs (then me).

Hardly restful.  Hardly putting my feet up.  Sometimes you just have to take care of business.

By Friday, I'd managed to enjoy a break in my routine anyway.  That evening, I was to have dinner with some friends and cheerfully jumped in the car when they pulled up to the house.

"You still smell like skunk."



  1. Dead skunk in the middle of the road, stinkin' to high heaven.

  2. Not to rip on your neighbor but wouldn't have been nicer (to you) to put the dogs in the kennel rather than the house? Or perhaps to confine them to a single room?

    1. She felt bad (in retrospect) for putting them back in the house. However, if it were me gasping for breath, I probably would have only thought to secure the dogs then flee. Also, if she would have put them in the kennel, I would have had all those dogs to try to bathe, and likely some unhappy owners. It probably worked out for the best.