Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring 2014 aka "Like We Thought It Would be Warm"

Okay, so the first day of Spring didn't really turn out like one may hope.  But, it wasn't as bad as this picture, taken off my back porch.  Looks like someone needs some gutter work done.

Last weekend was the local St. Patrick's Day parade, of which I've never attended, but made a point to this year.  After the usual beginning of the emergency vehicles (I just don't get it), the county's HazMat van went by.  That was also impressive.  Then, the float made by the POW/MIA people.  Did I mention that anyone could enter a float?  The grand marshal went by on possibly the nicest flat bed truck bed I've seen, complete with what looked like high school marching band players.
Not too bad, so I kept looking for the Irish dancers.  It was naught to be.....but there were plenty of bars who had their own flat bed truck/trailer/bus/beat-up pick-up/van with entries.
Eventually, something cool crept by.
We're off to a great start out here on the Gold Coast.  Can't wait to see what fun and weirdness is yet to come.

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