Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Unexpected Wonderfulness, with a dose of terror

Most people don't make lists of things to do in a year.  But, if  you are a chronic planner (with a bad memory), lists are extremely helpful and also give a person something fun to look forward to in life.

Yet, one of the most fun things I've done wasn't on the list, but it should have been.  In Columbus, a friend suggested we go to the Brothers Drake Meadery.  After the initial confusion as to why my friend wanted to take me somewhere that sold a lot of meat, I realized the correct pronunciation (I wasn't the only one confused by the conversation, and I was keen on going to this meat place too).


The only problem is that mead has 13-14% alcohol and sipping these lovelies (and a bonus one, thank you Brother Drake of Unknown Name), my face began to feel numb.  Of course, that's not a really big problem.  Unless you are driving home.  Then it's a different problem with legal implications.

Meanwhile, in East Texas where Mardi Gras is a serious celebration:
By the way, I've seen this monkey without the mask, and he is far more terrifying.

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