Thursday, May 7, 2009

Heerre's Riley!

By popular demand, here's a photo of Riley.

Look--he even brought his own blankie for his stay in the kennel.

He actually looks more like a deer than a cat, but he still acts sort of cat-like.
Many of you have probably heard the story about my brother and me discussing the voices our dogs would have if they could talk. Winky as Floyd the Barber was our favorite. Anyway, if asked, "What over exposed celebrity does Riley look like?" The winning answer (from Trina) is Nicole Richie. Compare the photos and see what you think.
I wonder if she has a blankie.


  1. Whatever . . . the Thomas the Train blanket is totally Lucy's that Jesse gave her to take . . . busted! I'll bet Lucy is in a ball crying about it as I write! :)

    But must comment - Trina - good call! Right on!

  2. I think Riley is better looking than Nicole...