Friday, May 22, 2009

Wildlife Gives me the Jealousy

First it was the disturbing robins and their "amour." And now the mallard duck are back and it seems a male has been chosen a victor by the female. I'm pretty sure I saw a consummation of their love just this morning. Or, they really like to dunk each other.

They seem determined to stay. I don't want them to, and if you squint, you might see Tilly back there trying to chase them away as well.

But if they are trying to take up residence here on the Gold Coast, they should at least have names. Take the poll now!


  1. I voted for Joni and Chachi, but then figured out that Joe and Thelma are ONU related (I think). So now I want to cast a write in vote for Toby and Kendall. And since both of those are unisex names, you can use them interchangeablly, which is good for those of us who are often confused.

  2. I had to vote Joe & Thelma since he was so insistant she . . . you know . . .

    I know it's not Scott & Julie . . . I'd bat him down a few times for dunking me