Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh, The Places Plarn Goes!

Those of you who are aware of plarn and its mysteries from Sue's blog, know that plarn really gets around. It was a prominent feature during a brief foray to Cave City, Kentucky.

In fact, my first and only (as of now) plarn bag was born on the way to Cave City. One might even say it is a Mammoth Plarn Bag (MPB). It was destined for Big Things.

To date, MPB has gone to Emerald Isle, North Carolina, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and St. Pete Beach, Florida (twice). Most recently, it was saving endangered sea turtles and hanging out with the Colonel and a pirate in Grand Cayman. Then, Teddy Roosevelt said, "Bully for Plarn!" while the Sculpture Gardens of Washington D.C. also enjoyed a special accessory.

Soon, MPB will make a sojourn to Frankenmuth, Michigan. Yes, that was a shriek of delight you heard. Glockenspiels here we come!


  1. I'm a little concerned that plarn could lose it's "green" standing if you keep tempting a sea turtle to eat it. I'm just saying . . .

  2. Oh the places plarn goes... I'm impressed!

  3. Ok, one of the ads is somewhat odd...

    Cord Blood Banking... Hmmmm, wonder what prompted that...