Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bingo Pat

Last week was tough for Pat. I won't go into details, but it was clear that drastic measures (beyond a giant pickle) would be needed to get her out of her funk.

Enter Halloween Bingo. Bingo cards were created online. Optimistically, I made enough for all of us to play three games, but we barely finished one. Now...I thought we were playing traditional across, up and down or diagonal bingo...but Pat pushed for the coverall, hence the need for only one card.

Lynne bravely volunteered to drive. Pat managed both her card and Lynne's. Brad and I just sat in the back seat with giant pens. That's not code.

Sadly, Halloween decorations seem to be down this year. Or maybe we bingo'd prematurely. That's happened to me before and boy is it embarrassing.

Anyway, we drove around Alger and Ada scanning the streets for orange lights or other indicators of Halloween decorations.

"To the left" we shouted and Lynne executed a perfect three point turn and off we went. We stopped in front of the decorated houses and started calling out the scene: "Happy Jack O'Lantern" "Pumpkin totem pole" "Graveyard".

Then we gleefully marked the boxes on our bingo cards. Pat of course manned both hers and Lynne's. Who says a parochial school education is worthless?

We took a break midway through for Brad and Lynne to chase kittens. Again, not code.

We exhausted the lawns of Alger and Ada, but still no winner emerged. I needed a Mummy and a couple other things. Brad was in search of a dracula. All Pat needed was a spider made from lawn bags...but no luck.

Finally, worn out from the excitement, we decided that whoever had the most was the winner...and here she is (yes, I did make that hat for the winner. Remember, I'm the crafty one.)

Bingo Pat!

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