Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Boggle for Breast Cancer

On our quest for Boggle Bragging rights, we endured many hardships. First, the confusion of finding our way into the parking garage. Then, our confusion of actually pulling the car into the parking space.

We were a bit flustered by the time we got into the registration line for the Boggle Tourny. With our "Swag Bag" of breast cancer paraphernalia in hand, we switched our focus to staking out our table.

Once we settled into a promising spot, we headed for the much bally-hooed snack bar (I always wanted to use that word). There were cookies of many types. There were chips. There even was a cool "energy mix" of peanuts and candy corn. There was turkey jerky. I had to try it. I nearly broke a tooth. Clearly it was a ruse to keep us from competing against the other 27 teams.

Returning to the Boggle arena, our ears were filled with the music of a dulcimer. And there around the corner, was a woman just hacking away at that thing. She really put the "dull" in dulcimer with her tune selection. This wouldn't have been too bad since I'm sure it was well intentioned sharing of her musical gifts. However, once the competition began, she played for us then as well. It was a bit distracting. At least to me. When I said something to Sue about it, she said, "there was music?" Yes, and not just the dulcimer, she had her mandolin and zither as well. At one point, in the midst of the 10 minute 6x6 challenge, she played "Turkey in the Straw." It was a moment reminiscent of prisoner torture by speed metal bands.

Look at her go! She's so fast it's a blur.

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  1. that music would have gotten to me, too. sue must have kept you focussed.