Thursday, October 15, 2009

When Left to Her Own Devices...

Lynne has, could or is likely to...

...superglue her fingers together in an attempt to re-adhere the truck's rear view mirror to the windshield. At no time would the cats be helpful in this scenario.

....paced the aisle of a local grocery store for five minutes as she agonized over purchasing instant Jell-o pudding or Swiss Miss pre-made (she bought neither).

...listen to hours upon hours of bad radio dramas.

...become obsessive with the crockpot and crockpot blog, which has resulted in a freezer full of homemade tomato soup (see previous post on garden bounty) and homemade applesauce from reject apples cast off from the neighbor's orchard (and you thought there were only cornfields around here). a reference point for directions on how to get to the local junk yard (and you thought there were only cornfields around here). Passing motorists know to "ask that lady in the pumpkin hat walkin' all them dogs."

...wear a pumpkin hat too much (could there be such a thing?)

...send a book of devotionals and a tomato to a man in an effort to flirt (see future updated post of "Why are we still single?")

Could it be the pumpkin hat?

1 comment:

  1. all of the above...

    And let me know if the book of devotionals and the tomato works, 'cause I haven't tried that yet...