Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why Did the Girls Cross the Road?

To Do a 5k!

And of course we were totally fashion mavens for the big event in Lima. It was the first fun and wellness 5k that Lima sponsored to go with their health fair. Inside the expo, Sue and Lynne competed vigorously for who had the best blood glucose level (Lynne), cholesterol (Sue) and blood pressure (Sue).

Sue got extra bragging rights by one of the techs declaring that she was a "good bleeder" (or was it great). Man, it's like she won't shut up about it. Maybe she got this designation when she presented her outstretched finger with the demand, "Poke me!"

Both of us passed our dermascans with "fine" and "use more moisturizer." Sue made a friendly visit to the colonoscopy booth (they weren't doing those "live") where she learned that a scope is inserted up the rectum "and beyond" (not unlike Buzz Lightyear).

Oh dear, what kind of ads will pop up now?

All three of us finished the 5k - the very first for our pal Jane! She felt so good the next day she did a lap at ONU's Green Monster! You go Jane!

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