Monday, March 8, 2010


Recently, I had to come up with a 300 word description of myself. I came up with something, but if I'd written the truth of the matter, it would have read like this:

"When not blogging about bitterness, Lynne hides from amorous farmers
at her farm in rural Hardin County, using her four cats as proof she is
undesirable. At last count, she has not left the house for three days,
except to scavenge leftover Chinese food at a friend's."

Note that I did not mention I am currently harboring a graduate from a seven sister's college with a terminal degree. Because that would have been weird.

Anyway, it made me wonder if I were to "tweet" about my life, what would I have to say. Here's what this week would have been like:

Thursday: "During walk today, Spanky found a dead squirrel. As he limped home, its tail was waving in the air."
Friday: "Today bathing was optional - 48 hours - woohoo!"
Saturday: "Enjoyed leftover Pan Asian food with Pat 2nite. Cultural diversity rocks!"
Sunday: "Sue texted that Dollar General has caftans. Viva le muumuu."

Fortunately, I have a rich inner life. However, what would that tweet look like? "Considered the implications of living a life of meekness as described in Psalm 37." See? It's just not as compelling. Then again, neither is the live stuff.

What Would You Tweet?

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