Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Phrases I Hate

"Daylight's a failin' us and we got to chop more wood for the fire. Let's quit yappin' and get 'er done." Said Tex.

Except more people than Tex say "get 'er done." It's annoying and possibly even offensive. Who exactly is "'er"? Is it supposed to be "her"? Eww!

And what exactly does "it is what it is" supposed to do for me, besides want to slap someone upside the head? Yes, annoying phrases seem to bring out the violent femme within.

While these phrases are annoying, they aren't nearly as soul-splitting as the sound of Tilly running around the house with her Kooky Chicken Swim Party Squeeky Toy.

What phrases put you over the edge? What is the worst pet toy ever?


  1. Ohhh. Don't get me started.
    1. "We're pregnant". ugh. In an effort to make dads to be feel included they now get to claim the only thing they can't do...give birth. When men get stretch marks and lactating breasts, then we can talk about the collective pregnancy, until then, "We're expecting" ought to be good enough.

    2. All others pale in the irritation causing in comparison to #1.

  2. Ok, I had a couple typos in that comment, but I'm riled up.

    I do have a couple phrases that I love:
    1. Don't be jealousy.
    2. And that's not code.

  3. For it's sheer ability to become an earworm, the phrase (said in a sing-song 10-year-old girl voice) "Tony the Pony likes baloney." (ask my sister if this doesn't ring a bell)

    Phrase that I love:
    "My aneurysm is back." (see above for who to ask for an explanation.)

    As to the worst pet toys:
    1.Any toy with stuffing because within 30 seconds I'll have to clean it up
    2. A rubber hedgehog that my dog received from her uncle in retribution for the first toy we gave his dog. The squeak was soul-splitting if I may steal Lynne's descriptor.

  4. I'm with Sue. "We're pregnant" puts me way too close to the edge of throwing up on someone's shoes.

    My phrase of irritation: use of the word "wicked." As in, "That ski slope was wicked cool." Quit trying to be trendy, dude.

    My least favorite dog toy is a tennis ball at night, but during the day it's my favorite because it can occupy for hours. But at night, "gnosh, gnosh, gnosh" just ain't cool. It's wicked annoying, in fact.