Sunday, September 26, 2010

Observations from a Road Trip

Yesterday morning, I packed up (covertly packed, so my dog wouldn't puke at the sight of a suitcase - it's not pretty) my car and left for a quick visit to see Julie in PA. A mere fifteen minutes from my destination, I took a wrong turn and ended up driving through Amish country. Once I finally figured out what I did wrong, I turned around. Pulling into the nearest driveway, I noticed a man peeking out from the door frame of the barn.

It was Mose. Mose Schrute, Dwight's brother. Would he run really fast, arms straight at his side, and jump in my car? Throw beets at me? Should I take him to Hardin County for diversifying the gene pool of our Amish? Should I eat the thrown beets? Fortunately, I was able to quickly turn around (it wasn't a high traffic area).

Finding my correct path, I made it to my destination and had a nice time. After all, how can you not have fun at a Mexican restaurant in Western Pennsylvania with a Russian Exchange student, a Kenyan college student and a little girl from China?

Returning home (on all the correct roads), I was zipping down Interstate 71, somewhere around milemarker 200 and 195, and saw a commotion on the overpass. It was two Amish buggies, facing each other, with one horse seeming very indignant about the encounter. Traffic on the bridge was backed up. As I drove under the bridge, I saw one buggy driver getting out. Looking (carefully) in my rear view mirror, the driver turned his buggy around and headed the other way across the bridge. Amish Traffic Jam. Who knew?

As you can see, it wasn't really an eventful road trip, and that's good. It's nice that the Amish had all that excitement. However, I must make mention of the one vanity plate I saw. "PHD IN ED" Puke.

In other news, the housecoats are back in the stores! I'm pretty sure it's Sue's fashion trendiness that has brought them back.