Monday, September 6, 2010

"Shoes are the Enemy" and other thoughts on the End of Summer

"Shoes are the Enemy!" my doctor told me after I'd been in for an infected toe.

I'd always suspected as much. As a kid, I went barefoot all summer, and had the callouses and black-bottomed feet to prove it. After more than my share of bee stings while going barefoot through the clover, I'm more cautious now (though I still managed to get a nasty bee sting last month).

This summer has been one of the best I've had for a long time - I got to see lots of friends, Sue went and got herself all married, and the weather was extra warm - just the way I like it. I read a lot and ate a lot of ice cream.

It's Labor Day. The word work in Hebrew is "abad," which means "to serve." This definition is not limited to serving each and every person around us in humility, but also to serve ALL of creation. Radical thoughts.

Not so radical was the ice cream man speeding down my road at 60 miles per hour as Music Box Dancer blared. Guess that means summer's over.

The garden is so overgrown that picking tomatoes has turned into a game that is some hybrid of Twister (don't step on the potato stalk) and Jenga (pick that little red tomato in the back without going through the spider web). Summer's over.

Just now, as I heard the last of the hummingbird's zooming by for nectar, the neighbor was out with his gun for a little target practice (not at the hummingbirds). Yep, Summer's over.

The popular saying is that all good things must come to an end. I've never really believed this. After all, I've still got ice cream in the freezer. And I refuse to put away the sandals just yet.

"Shoes are the Enemy!"

What was the best part of your summer? Did you get any bee stings? What's your plan to survive Fall and Winter with happiness??

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