Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Chip-tastic Birthday!

It's here! Pat's birthday. Seems like it comes around every year.

While 2010 was the Year of Cereal, 2011 will be Year of the Chip. As you can tell, the Chinese and their fancy "horse" and "monkey"years got nothin' on Pat. When pressed about if the year was limited to just potato chips, Pat proclaimed (because that's what you do when you are naming a year) that it was ANY chip. Suddenly, the floodgates have opened to include corn, tortilla, and even pickle (looks like she'll be busy).

However, when asked if she would go see the CHIPendale Dancers for her birthday (which will conveniently be in the geographic area), she declared (also what is done when naming a year) that NO, she would NOT go see them.

And why would she? Obviously she's happy with the pickle she's got. What's that saying? "A pickle in hand is worth more than two in a..." Never mind.

Happy Birthday Pat!


  1. Since it's the year of the chip and Pat has proclaimed (because that is also what one does when one names a year) that it was ANY chip, I'm going to assume that chocolate CHIPS are also included... Open those floodgates even farther! Happy Birthday Pat! Good that you are happy with your pickle...

  2. Are Ponch and John included?