Monday, April 11, 2011

The Other Woman

I knew that eventually the honeymoon would be over and Chris, my usually attentive and doting husband, might cool in his desire to focus his attention on me. I just didn't expect it this soon and I didn't think it would be over...her.

Sure, I can understand the attraction.

I'm lumpy. She's sleek.

I'm old school. She's fashionable and trendy.

I'm dial up. She's wi-fi.

But mostly, I think it's the eager way she responds even to his most gentle touch.

Be on the look out. This vixen could invade your homes as well.

Now I know why they called the company's full of temptation.


  1. Ah yes....Marty also took a "byte" our that ever and overly addictive apple. :)

  2. I am so sorry Sue. Does he know that you know?

  3. Yes, but he says they are "just friends".