Friday, April 8, 2011

When Will the Excitement End?

Some weeks are mundane. Some are eventful. This week has been the latter for the Scott household. What I've learned is, I prefer mundane.

Monday was as normal as they can get on the Gold Coast. However, Tuesday was a day of carting Foster and Tilly over to see Money Guy. Since he and his assistant (Money Guy's All-Knowing Assistant) like dogs, the two of them were invited into the office.

Foster ran into things. Tilly ran around everywhere, and managed to pee a little from all the excitement. Then, they gave her a new squeaky toy.

It's been non-stop squeaking ever since. It must be hidden at night. Sometimes it makes me cry.

Then Wednesday was take-two-cats-to-the-vet day. One of the cats now weighs an impressive even twenty pounds. The other (the ever crafty Dooley) has to have a tooth pulled, so he was prescribed an anti-biotic. I got one dose in him just before I released him from his carrier when we got home. The result was a trail of orange foam as he ran around the house in terror. It was not a good time.

But the weekend promises to be non-stop hilarity. I mean, check this out:

What could it be? Will we get to wear safari hats? Detective monocles?

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