Tuesday, June 2, 2009

All About Me

Please---enough with the emails, phone calls, and text messages demanding an update on my life. I've been busy, but here are the highlights of the last couple weeks.

I'm all moved in here at Lynne's. If I didn't have books or all my crafting supplies (yarn, plastic bags and plarn take up a lot of space and can't be stored far away...I need constant access) moving and unpacking would be quite easy. On the other hand, if I didn't read or craft, who'd want to live with me? I'd be totally dull.

Interesting things about moving in with Lynne: When I run into people around town who ask me "what's new?" and I tell them I've moved in with Lynne, their responses are nearly identical. "Oh, you guys will have fun," they say with a smile. Then they get a concerned look on their face and ask "Do you have any pets?" They seem relieved when I say "no".

Email has lost a tiny bit of its lustre since most of my email correspondence was with Lynne. However, I did just email her from upstairs to downstairs because I'm too lazy (and focused) to get up and ask a question.

Why living with Lynne is better than being married (at least to the two buttheads I married): She has no expectation that I'll cook or clean for her and is excited and appreciative of any minor effort on my part.

In addition to plarn and other recycled crafts, I have a new obsession: field rocks.

This picture is sideways, but it shows the rocks I collected all by myself, just for Brad. I also learned that there's a difference between rocks (smooth) and stones (not smooth).
And this is the big monster rock that I want to get, but it will require special tools beyond my work gloves.
So, all in all, life is very exciting. More later.
And, next....Countdown to Frankenmuth....

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  1. Rocks smooth and stones not smooth. I'd have had it the other way - you are always such and exciting wealth of knowledge.

    Happy party crashing.