Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And then the Toilet Broke...

It's Day 4.

Sue came downstairs this morning and announced, possibly deliriously, "It's Banana Day!"

How can you not be excited about that? And more accurately, it's Banana AND Skim milk day. Frankly, we've been looking forward to it.

However, our excitement has been tempered by the downstairs toilet being out of commission. Fortunately, there is still one upstairs, although you have to occassionally jiggle the handle of it. But I digress....

Here's what we've noticed so far:

Yes, weight does come off very quickly and that bloaty feeling is greatly diminshed. We both suspect this is why some have reported an increase in libido. If you don't feel like a bloated cow, you may start feeling a little frisky.

It also may be that if you are doing the cabbage soup diet, you probably are at the age of pre-menopause and your hormones are doing a number on you anyway. It's hard to know where one leaves off and the other begins.

If there has been an increase in phermones that would attract men to our door, it hasn't happened here. Even the painter has stayed away. Maybe that has something to do with those other reports about gasseousness. Honestly, it didn't seem that bad...and wasn't that the dogs anyway?

Our experiences that have not been reported on line by others:

I can't speak for Sue, but I've been on a few good rants the last few days. It all started with a kennel client bringing their "chi-weenie" for me to watch (that would be a chihuahua-dachshund mix). After, I went on a tear about these "boutique" breeds that are generated by puppy mills and where do people get off thinking they are a breed at all and....but I digress again.

Loss of concentration. That has been a big one.

But, it's Banana Day!!!

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  1. Banana Day.....IS THAT CODE?....lol
    I'll be RIGHT OVER!!!