Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cabbage Soup Diet....Day 1.5

Remember a few weeks ago when I said that I'd been saying to guests: "Look at my ass. We've been working out."? Well, those days are long gone and if anyone is checking out the caboose on this bitter train they might be tempted to put a "wide load" sign on it.

Ever the optimists, Lynne and I started the cabbage soup diet yesterday. I've done this diet before, but Lynne is a rookie. Yes, just another item to add to the "Fun things Sue's brought to my life" list. [I see another blog topic...]

Friday we cut up all the stuff for the soup and put it in the crockpot. Wisely, we put the crockpot in Blind Bob's so the aroma of cooking cabbage wouldn't permeate the house (we really are working to reduce the list of reasons why we're still single).

Saturday was day one---all the cabbage soup and fruit you can stand to eat. We survived just fine and this morning we both weighed less than yesterday morning.

Day Two--soup plus veggies and for dinner...baked potato with butter. We went for a long walk this afternoon and talked about how we were both feeling pretty good and weren't sure if we really felt the need to have the potatoes. But, by the time the walk was over, taters sounded pretty good, so off to Skyline I went. Potatoes. Plain. It seemed wrong. But...


And I still have half of mine. I'm keeping a close eye on Lynne. She covets my tater (as do many others).

I did a bit of research on The Cabbage Soup Diet and I found some information that seemed interesting, somewhat disturbing and potentially conflicting.

From Wikipedia: Some claim that after 2+ weeks on the original diet, or especially the Sacred Heart variant, a substantial increase in ones libido is coupled with an overall increase in energy levels. Rumors of an increase in production of pheromones which attract the opposite sex are, as yet, scientifically unsubstantiated. However there is evidence that a diet high in vegetables and low in processed sugars can significantly improve ones libido and general health.

Other sites report that many complain that this diet causes them to be very "gassy".

Which raises the question---can flatulence and a raging libido work together or are they mutually exclusive?

Stay tuned for first hand reports from the field...


  1. Glad you skipped church today then....don't know if I could have stood the smell of old people AND cabbage too. Although, I think someone sitting in the back DID have a little gas or it could have been the sermon. Hard to tell. I hear the minister is a real wind bag.

  2. I can't wait to see the results of this. A date w/ someone who doesn't mind gas - at our age - not bad. Hey once you're all hot from your new cabbage bodies gas or not you won't be able to chase the men away w/ a stick.