Friday, September 25, 2009

Housedresses Take Two

Today dawned with so much promise. We were going in search of housedresses. Ok, we had to go out anyway because tomorrow is Bananas and Skim Milk Day for the cabbage soup diet (yet another exciting, promise-filled day).

We went to K-mart, expecting a decent selection. No go. There was approximately ten dresses, one with sleeves, the rest labeled "dusters." One was a medium. All were in frightful colors, prints or florals. We were disappointed. We didn't even buy our bananas or skim milk there.

Goodwill was our next stop. Nothing. There were scrubs, which may be some sort of transitional leisure wear/uniform in some circles. But, it didn't entirely fill the spirit of the housedress. Nothing at all. We now had Badwill, and no housedresses (and of course no bananas or skim milk here either).

After our stop at the grocery, we returned home with our heads hung low. However, there's still the internet. And that's where we found that lovely number, modeled by Edna.


  1. I hear that you are trying to put my mother on the Cabbage Soup diet...not sure how I feel about this, but fortunately I won't be home to smell it.

  2. If you just wear a vest and no pants it's called Donald Ducking.