Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day Five - The Resolve Weakens...

It's true. Today I want to snack. On everything. The dog kibble doesn't even look that bad. It's Beef and Tomatoes Day, which, as you can sense, is not the same as Bananas and Skim Milk Day. We even were daring and substituted turkey for beef, then got totally edgy and had eggs. I had three. But I still cream...oh, help me.
I had some dried cherries and raisins. I cheated, and maybe I won't feel good in the morning, but darn it, it felt GREAT when I was doing it. Wait, am I still talking about food?

As for the Cabbage Soup Diet in general, Sue made an excellent observation. It is best to do this in the Fall (or "Autumn" for you fancy folks), when cabbage, carrots and tomatoes are at their best. And to update an earlier post on "how will my garden grow," it was wild with tomatoes. Although, we're both guilty of heading out to the garden and munching on cherry tomoatoes, somewhat frantically. It's a good thing I didn't plant cabbages because it would have been embarrassing to be seen grazing on those.

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