Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009---The Year in Review

It's time for my second annual top ten list for 2009. Once again, the competition for best things/events/activities was fierce and it was dominated by weird stuff. All in all, a good year.

In alphabetical order, here they are:

1. Bitter Train---This blog has been great fun, even if it's only to entertain ourselves and one or two other people. It's a great way to scroll down memory lane and see all the funny things that have happened and I'm looking forward to more Bitter Train adventures in 2010.

2. Boggle---First there was the whole "actually, I'm pretty good at Boggle" conversation that caused us to register for the Boggle for Breast Cancer tournament (see previous post, sometime in November, I think). Then we had to find pink things to wear in order to get raffle tickets, buying "new" quiet Boggle, practicing (with help from Tap), and then the excitement of actually bringing home a trophy. All in all, $25 well spent. And, it was for a very worthy cause.

3. Dolley Madison---you may recall that last year one of the best things of the year was the fact that on Christmas Day my mother was able to drink apple juice. After months of not consuming any food or drink by mouth, this was a major breakthrough in her recovery. In January she went home and has been getting stronger ever since. In November she did a presentation for her DAR chapter where she portrayed Dolley Madison. She spent hours and hours reading and learning about Dolley and on the big day she did not disappoint. It was a very special day for me to see her doing so well, when less than a year before she'd been so incredibly ill.

4. Florida---As loyal followers of The Bitter Train know, Lynne and I went to Florida last March and had a wonderful time. In fact, just this morning we told Trina the story about two women who were directing traffic on the highway after a major accident. There were so many fun and funny things that happened to make that trip memorable...feel free to go back and re-live the fun with our posts from March.

5. Frankenmuth---Again, this trip appeared several times in this blog, but even that could not capture all the fun of the trip. Who knew you could pack so many laughs into 36 hours?

6. Halloween Bingo---What to do on a dreary October night? Why not drive around and make fun of yard decorations? Sure, we don't have all the glitz and glam of the big city, but I don't think there are too many people who can beat us for making our own fun.

7. Moving in with Lynne---This has been more fun than either of us expected...I'll be bold and speak for Lynne, too. From the morning that I put my early morning thoughts into categories to decorating the house with paper chains, it's been a ton of laughs. I'm even fond of a couple of the cats.

8. Nanowrimo---National Novel Writing Month---First, I'm just proud that I accomplished the goal of writing 50,000 words in 30 days. Second, it was really fun. I haven't done much writing in ages and so writing without editing was freeing. I felt like my creative juices were really flowing. I'd be driving along and ideas for my story would be spinning through my mind. Hopefully one of my top ten things for 2010 will be finishing (and selling...dare I say it?) my novel.

9. Pickle Day---Some guys at work invited me to watch a movie with them, but I told them "Sorry, but tomorrow is Pickle Day." (And, yes, they still invited me to watch with them the next time it was movie day.) Once again, Lynne, Pat, Brad and I loaded into Pat's trusty SUV for an interstate field trip. It did not disappoint. Actually, I think my favorite part was this guy:

Why yes, that is a young man in a Sweet Corn Costume.

10. Weddings---I attended two this year and both were very special. First, was the elegant wedding of my dear friend, Ellen. What a treat to see her looking so beautiful and to know how very happy she and James are together. The second wedding was fun, but also bittersweet. How is it possible that the little girl who was the flower girl when I got married is now a bride herself? Nonetheless, it was great fun to see so many family members and to see that Little Sarah has grown up and has such a happy life.

Pickles, men dressed as corn, a trophy and a first lady...I just hope 2010 can measure up.

P.S. I know I used the word "fun" way too much in this post...I can't help it, 2009 was lots of fun...Don't be jealousy!

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