Monday, December 14, 2009

The Accidental Runner

See that? That's me and Rachel. Rachel is my pal who when I told her I had run a half mile suggested we meet and do a run/walk workout. So we did. Then she said, "hey, let's try to find a 5k to do." So we did. This is in Delphos, where they had their first ever "Run Your Ice Off" 5k.

If people ever asked me, "Do you run?" (these were people who obviously didn't know me), I'd say, "Only if I'm being chased." Yuk, yuk. But Sue talked me into doing this run/walk thing this summer while out with the dogs. It basically was to speed up the dog walking. This Fall while she was working more, I kept up with the run/walking. Then, in early November, I decided to see just how far I could run. And that's how this all began.

And we finished - we did a 5k! It was with the run/walk technique and we finished in 35 minutes! Considering I've never ran ever, this was a big deal for me. Thanks to Rachel, for getting me out there. And Sue was our official cheerer-on. Of course, she almost missed our big finish since she was KNITTING in the warm CAR! (Did I mention it was 22 degrees?) In all fairness, she didn't know we'd be so zippy. And I'd like to say, we didn't stop at the bakery on the way home.

But we wanted to.

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  1. 22 degrees! No, that's so cold! I've gotten whimpy about winter since coming out East. I practically live in Virginia now.

    Anyway, can't wait to see you both and your critters. I'll make some pie or something and bring it over to you as a reward for running the 5k or for, well, whatever reason you think you deserve pie. Really just making it to the next day is pie worthy in my book.

    Miss you both and much love.